Bound and Bred

Born into bondage, well bred slave Allegra has spent her entire life fighting against the men who own her. Her resistance and penchant for escape has seen her endure many harsh punishments and found her marked as an undesirable piece of property. Now past the first bloom of youth, she is sold off to a mysterious lord who seems to know her better than she knows herself. Allegra soon discovers deeper submission and freedom than she’s ever known before in the arms of the imposing Lord Dominic and his aide, the magnetically handsome Caesar.

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I don’t have the time to think about Caesar. I am helpless in Dominic’s grasp, over his lap. Every time his hand lands I buck my hips in pain. I should have taken his warnings more seriously. I should have done as I was told. But now my bottom feels swollen and raw and still he is spanking me. I cry and wail contrite words to that effect, but it changes nothing, his hard palm thunders against my cheeks, all the force of his muscular arm behind it.

Before long, I am reduced to whimpering tears. My bottom is hot and so sore that every new slap feels as if it comes from some superhuman source. I am wriggling as much as he will allow me to, but it does not help the pain. The more I wriggle, the more he centers the slaps and builds on them, spanking me in the same spot over and over again.

“I told you to come to me when you were ready, did I not?” His voice rumbles above me.

“Yes master,” I gasp through tears. I know I have earned this punishment, but that makes it no easier to take.

“I did not tell you to start displaying yourself to Caesar, did I?”

“No master, I am sorry,” I wail. I feel truly bad for what I have done. Dominic has been kind and I have rewarded him by spreading my affections around.

“Are you the sort of woman who will always need more than one cock to satisfy her?” The question cuts through me and prompts more tears. “Do not cry, answer the question,” he cuts in curtly.

“No master,” I say quickly.

He reaches down and nestles his hand between my legs. I feel his fingers resting along my slit, pressing just below my clit. “Are you sure about that, Allegra?” His voice is softer now. I am too scared to think about the real answer to the question, so I repeat myself, assuring him that I need just one man, that I only need him.

Master Machine

Reggie Hawarden is an attractive single woman in her mid forties. She has a good job working for the preeminent manufacturer of robots in the world, but she is sexually frustrated. When model T-29 is spotted ravaging one of the cleaning staff, Reggie investigates at her own peril. She soon discovers that her own lusts are very well known in the company – and that T-29 has no qualms trying to satisfy an insatiable little slut masquerading as a professional woman.

Price: $1.49

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It wasn’t really sex, she told herself as she slipped her stockinged feet out of her high heels and made her way around the desk to sink to her knees in front of him. T-29 was perfectly proportioned for her, when she knelt down her face was right at crotch level.

A sexy smirk twisted his upper lip as he pushed his fly down and extracted his cock. That was the efficient way of doing it. A man might have pushed his pants down, but T-29 had calculated all the variables and determined that only its cock needed to be exposed.

T-29′s cock was a thing of beauty. He had been endowed with above average length and girth so as to leave a positive impression on the woman he serviced. The glans was well shaped, a flaring head that swept back in a negative arc. T-29 had been created circumsized for the woman’s pleasure.

“Suck.” The deep timbre rolled through her as T-29 slid his hand around the back of her neck and drew her mouth towards him. She knew that the thick fingers tangling in her hair could have ripped her head from her body with ease, but instead T-29 gently massaged her scalp with the pads of his fingers whilst she worked her mouth over his perpetually erect member. The machine never went soft, that would have required extra engineering for no real benefit.